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We create specific yearbook tutorials and link you to Adobe Software solutions at

Photoshop Tips

Watch for periodic Photoshop tips from our graphic designers.

Customizing InDesign

Many yearbook companies offer software plug-ins or overlays to assist with book production; however in the “real world” universities and future employers are not seeking “Book-Tech” software experts.

Curriculum Assistance

Let us guide you through the many resources available on the Web. Yearbook Company Curriculum Guides become bulky and outdated and increase your overall printing costs.

Posters and Forms

Display training posters and your page ladder in your yearbook classroom. Use our production forms to help your editor plan the yearbook and assist staffers with page layout and preflighting.

On-Site Training

Learn InDesign at your school! Students are more productive and training is more effective since all learning takes place on your computers in your environment.


Be able to download: forms, posters, ladders, templates, and more to help you get started with your yearbook.


Be able to download Photoshop Presets, InDesign Presets as well as “How to” video tutorials using Adobe products to produce your yearbook.


Don’t have a DVD or CD? Be able to upload your file with ease by logging in. Submitting online can help expedite your delivery time. Be able to upload files instantly.

Buy Your Yearbook Online

Online yearbook sales available.

Personal Ads Online

Sell more Ads, Faster, Easier… Selling Advertisements means a greater source of funds that can help offset the cost of your yearbook. Use our template database or design your own custom ad.

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