Who is Multimedia Technology?

Founded in 1989 as a video yearbook franchise, our Group has grown to a one-of-a-kind, independent, full-service yearbook publishing company producing high school and university yearbooks across the country. Our mission is… “to help capture the maturing moments in the lives of students.” We began doing business using the traditional model –representing just one yearbook printing company. One day we discovered that most yearbook companies also offer commercial book printing services in the plant “across the street.” Then we discovered the BIG SECRET - the cost to print a yearbook in the commercial plant can be 50-60% less!

Is Your Yearbook Alive?

Want to extend your deadlines to include late spring events? That’s easy with Interactive Yearbook Pages. Imagine looking at your yearbook pages of spring sports, playoffs, Prom and special senior events, clicking on a photo and watching these events come to life in full color video. Your Interactive Supplement can be produced in as little as 30-days and delivered with your printed book. CD and DVD formats are available.

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We create specific yearbook tutorials and link you to Adobe Software solutions at www.adobe.com

Photoshop Tips

Watch for periodic Photoshop tips from our graphic designers.

Customizing InDesign

Many yearbook companies offer software plug-ins or overlays to assist with book production; however in the “real world” universities and future employers are not seeking “Book-Tech” software experts.

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What makes MMT different?

Our goal is to help you produce your yearbook cost efficiently. We provide total assistance in all areas of pre-press production thereby sheltering commercial printers from these time-consuming overhead costs. This lets your printer concentrate on high quality printing and reduces the cost of printing your yearbook. These savings help pay for our services and reduce your final per book cost. Why pay for services and materials you do not need? We provide educational discounts for Adobe and Quark Xpress software and help you automate that software to meet your publishing needs. We provide a production kit that includes all the basic materials such as planning envelopes, page ladders, pantone color charts, page templates, local proofs, PDF and FTP instructions, prepaid overnight shipping forms, and access to all Adobe type fonts. We can support you at your school and/or over the internet depending upon your expertise and staffing requirements. Whether you are a new advisor or a seasoned veteran, Multi-Media Technology can make you a hero with your students and administration.


Custom Deadlines We let our customers choose their own deadlines. Your school receives a Proof of ALL pages of your yearbook at final deadline before going to Press. Your book can be delivered in as little as 30 days.

Software We offer Real World solutions. Students learn native InDesign or Quark Xpress skills for future career opportunities.

Fonts Why be restricted to a yearbook company poster of fonts? Now ALL types of fonts are available for your yearbook.

Student Portraits Customize your portrait layouts and see the results on your computer. Learn how to import name files and automatically place photos. Design Use our Graphic Design artist to build continuity in your yearbook. Design packages include: Cover, Endsheets, opening page, Divider pages, and final page. B&W/Color Using Photoshop pre-sets and actions, students learn how to properly prepare photos and artwork for Press. Image Manipulation All of your pages go throughout our Pre-Press facility and EVERY photo is individually manipulated for the highest quality reproduction. Grayscale levels and color profiles are attached to meet unique Press settings.

Join Us

Become an affiliate of the Multimedia Technology network. Now you can operate your own business in the exciting world of school publishing. Operating in over 10 states, seasoned veterans and new entrepreneurs have joined us to take advantage of lucrative profit margins while joining the mission of “capturing the maturing moments in the lives of students.” In all types of economies, students and school administrators continue to see the value in preserving the memories of high school and college life. The traditional yearbook continues to thrive along with new delivery formats such as DVD and direct downloads to computer and portable devices. Multi-Media Technology offers full support to help you and your company produce yearbooks and other print and electronic publications for schools. In addition our world-wide suppliers offer pricing that will give you the competitive advantage over traditional yearbook companies. Looking for an exciting and profitable new adventure? Contact us today.